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Intuitive Body and Soul - About Helen Wright, Holistic Therapist from Mansfield UK


Intuitive Body and Soul - Holistic Therapist Mansfield UK

Hi, I'm Helen

I'm a Myofascial Release, Past Life Regression, Energy Healing, Scar Work and Meditation Therapist based in Nottinghamshire. I run Intuitive Body & Soul, and my aim is to heal and teach my clients how to let go of physical and emotional pain. 


I have had my own issues with back pain, I tried many different therapies but Myofascial Release is the only treatment which gave me freedom from pain. This is why I chose to train with Ruth Duncan of Myofascial Release UK, and also with John F. Barnes in Sedona and Chicago. It was then that the world of Myofascial Release opened up to me and I learned that there are no restrictions to the benefits of this therapy. I love treating clients and am continuously deepening my knowledge on the limitless benefits that Myofascial Release has to offer.

Throughout the years I have also studied in Past Life Regression, Meditation, Energy Healing and Scar Work.

I help my clients by assisting in treating and showing them how to intuitively heal their own body - by feeling into emotions, releasing trauma and connecting with their own inner voice or higher self.


Healing emotional wounds can change your entire personal world - grounding you and assisting in your journey of soul healing and spiritual ascension.


I don’t think we ever truly 'know it all' which makes my work so fulfilling and continues to keep me passionate. 

“If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.”

Deepak Chopra

Treatment Room

Located at Chadburn House in Mansfield, my room is a peaceful, quiet place perfect for intuitive therapies. 

I also offer online appointments if you would prefer to have treatments over Skype or FaceTime. 

Intuitive Body and Soul - Holistic Therapy Treatment Room at Chadburn House in Mansfield UK
Intuitive Body and Soul - Online Holistic Therapist

Online Sessions

I am happy to be providing online treatments to people all over the world.


This is a great option for people who are not local and those who prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home.

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